AutroSafe 4 integrated fire and gas (IFG) panels

Our IEC 61508 SIL 2 approved system for the offshore industry.

The AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas (IFG) 4 is designed for the toughest requirements and expands the possibilities of a F&G detection system even further. From offshore platforms to LNG plants to refineries, AutroSafe IFG delivers the most rigorous F&G safety yet.

Autronica Fire and Security launched AutroSafe, our high-end fire detection system, in 1999. From day one, AutroSafe has proven its unique stability and reliability in more than 15 000 of installations worldwide, both on- and offshore. AutroSafe IFG 4 provides advanced functionality for a wide range of applications. The system is designed to meet all requirements in the high-end segment of the offshore market. It is certified according to European directives (CPD) requiring EN 54 compliance, and is approved by Factory Mutual (FM) according to NFPA 72. Additionally, the F&G system is approved according to SIL2 requirements by TÜV Nord.

Reliable communication is paramount to your safety. That’s why we’re adding AutroNet to the AutroSafe IFG system, an innovative network solution safeguarding communication between panels. AutroNet ensures a redundant and high-speed network, expanding the reach of the AutroSafe IFG system even further. The system can be set up either in a star or ring network, depending on your needs.

History proves you can rely on AutroSafe IFG. All existing functionality has stood up to the toughest tests worldwide for more than 10 years. With AutroSafe IFG 4, Autronica has once again taken fire safety to a higher level.



Fire and gas alarm control panel BS-420G

BS-420G is a complete fire and gas alarm control panel with full operation capabilities. The panel serves as an operating panel for one or several defined operation zones. All alarm handling and system features can be controlled and monitored from the panel.


Controller BC-420G2

The controller serves as a connection unit for the detection loop, alarm sounders, controls and inputs.


Controller rack unit BC-440G2

This unit serves as a connection unit for the detection loop, alarm sounders, controls and inputs. It is a variant of the BC-420G2 controller prepared for rack installations.


Operator panel BS-430G2

The operator panel controls and handles all operations, alarm management, indications and other functions within an operation zone. No loop driver, input or output modules can be connected to this panel.


Repeater panel BU-BV-420G2

The repeater panel serves as either a fire brigade panel or an information panel, depending on the settings.


Power cabinet BP-405  (Obsolete)

Power cabinet with a 5 A power pack (BPS-405), and space for two 12 V/18 Ah batteries (not included).