Product data

Controller rack unit BC-440G2

This unit serves as a connection unit for the detection loop, alarm sounders, controls and inputs. It is a variant of the BC-420G2 controller prepared for rack installations.

Together with the IO modules the unit will have the full functionality of the BC-420G2 controller.

The controller is equipped with 2 Ethernet ports, one AutroFieldBus port and one serial port. The controller communicates with other system units using the Ethernetbased local area network, AutroNet and external equipment using AutroCom and Modbus. The serial port may be set to RS-232/422 or 485 and can communicate with external equipment using AutroCom, Modbus, NMEA and ESPA 4.4.4.

Part numbers:
116-BC-440 Controller rack unit
116-BC-420G2 Controller rack unit approved acc. to IEC 61508 SIL2


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