Product data

Controller BC-420G2

The controller serves as a connection unit for the detection loop, alarm sounders, controls and inputs.

The controller can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 modules. The system offers a loop driver module for detection loops and several types of I/O modules (see optional modules below).  A maximum of 6 loop driver modules connected to each controller. All modules are easily plugged onto each other on a standard mounting rail inside the unit. The controller provides connections for 2 Ethernet ports and 2 USB host ports, and communicates with other system units on the Ethernet-based local area network, AutroNet.

For engineering purposes, we have established kits to be equipped according to specifications. 

The controller kit includes a cabinet with a panel front, power supply module, communication module and text foils in a chosen language.

Additionally the cabinet can be stacked with

  • Loop driver module BSD-310 
  • Loop driver module H.P. BSD-311 
  • BS-100 loop driver module BSD-330 
  • Output module BSB-310A
  • Output module BSJ-310 
  • Input module BSE-310 
  • Input module BSE-320 

An Al_Com+ stack can contain up to six loop driver modules (BSD-3xx). By using AutroFieldBus, an additional Al_Com+ stack (with up to six additional loop driver modules) can be added to the system.

NOTE! The AutroSafe panels are certified with the Al_Com+ modules mounted inside the panel cabinet.

Part numbers:
116-KIT-BC-420         Controller kit
116-KIT-BC-420G2 Controller kit approved acc. to IEC 61508 SIL2