Fire and gas detection systems

We provide interactive fire and gas detection systems for any application on land, at sea, and in the petrochemical oil, and gas industry.

Our fire and gas detection systems are developed for worldwide standards and regulations, and conforms with the CEN regulation EN 54 and maritime requirements (SOLAS).


Autroprime 2 panels

For small-to-medium sized installations, Autroprime brings simplicity, quality and extensive functionality in one integrated system, providing safety and economy in a complete package.

AutroSafe 4 panels

AutroSafe is our high-end fire detection system for large and complex buildings. Since the launch in 1999, it has proven its unique stability and reliability in more than 15 000 installations worldwide, from hotels to cruise ships to drilling platforms.

AutroSafe 4 integrated fire and gas (IFG) panels

Our IEC 61508 SIL 2 approved system for the offshore industry.

AutroSafe 4 maritime gas (MG) panels

Autronica is a long-standing player in the maritime market; our reputation as a developer and supplier of reliable systems designed to withstand the rigours of the maritime environment is forged from our dedication to developing the best maritime solutions.


A detector is selected based on the goal of earliest and safest detection possible.

Detectors for special requirements

In some cases, the standard detectors just doesn't cut it. Challenging conditions require specially designed detection solutions to make sure your building is always protected in the best way.

Input and output units

We offer a wide range of input and output units for many different applications. The system features Exn, Exia and Exd approved input and output units for high risk applications. All input and output units feature automatic addressing and short-circuit protection. All units can be used in all our interactive fire and gas detection systems unless otherwise stated.

Manual call points

AutroSafe offers a wide range of manual call points for different applications, every unit features SelfVerify.

Alarm units

We offer a wide range of alarm units for connection to detection loops or dedicated alarm outputs.

Extinguishant control system

Autronica's extinguishant control system AutroXT provides reliable fire protection through standards-compliant extinguishant control. The panels are meant to be used together with AutroSafe 4 or Autroprime interactive fire detection systems.