Alarmline linear heat detectors

Cable-based system providing economical termperature monitoring at the precise point of risk.

The system is reliable, flexible and has the ability to detect abnormal temperature variances before fire breaks out. The comprehensive LHD product portfolio allows a vast range of commercial and industrial fire and overheat risks to be protected, in ambient temperatures of 68°C to 185°C. Other options/alarm temperatures available on request.

Analogue cable
Alarmline analogue is a four-conductor flexible cable with negative temperature coefficient insulation, surrounded by an outer layer of PVC. Optional extrusions and metal braiding provide additional chemical and mechanical protection where required. A range of associated electronic interface modules allows continuous monitoring for fire and open/short circuit faults. For hazardous area installation or where limited access prevents local mounting of the interface module, Alarmline may be remotely connected via short term fireproof cabling. Alarmline Analogue cable is recoverable in that it will revert to the standby state once the heat source has been removed, provided the cable is not totally destroyed

Digital cable
Employing a twin conductor "switching" cable, the Alarmline Digital system operates by melting of internal insulation between the conductors at a predetermined temperature. This allows a short circuit which is detected by a simple electrical device, to provide a fire alarm signal. Fault conditions are detected by continuous monitoring for an open circuit state.




Analogue LHD control unit, self programmable

The AACUSP is a self-programmable, Analogue Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable control unit. It provides monitoring for any of the AA range of LHD sensor cable, configuration of alarm and pre-alarm temperatures as well as enabling simple interface to a main fire alarm or BMS system.