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Areas where linear heat detection systems are best employed are often difficult to access and receive only limited surveillance. It is therefore essential that sensors are appropriately located using the most suitable method of support. The Alarmline range of sensor supports has been specifically designed to meet such demanding requirements and to keep installation cost to a minimum through ease of installation.

L bracket
Constructed in stainless steel or mild steel, the L bracket provides support for linear detection sensor cables, typically above top tier cable trays, fitted to the rear of the tray to prevent physical obstruction to tray access. The L bracket correctly positions the Alarmline cable in relation to the cable tray.

Edge clip
For firm support of sensor cables from structural members, the edge clip ensures physical separation between sensor and girder, thus maximising operating sensitivity.

T clip
This is a simple and economical T clip drill/screw method of 'stand off' fixing for sensor cables from heat absorbent surfaces in less arduous environments.

Cable ties
The cable ties help prevent sensor cable sag which may result from excess movement through the selected support.

Part numbers Description
116-5843-005.9002 Alarmline L bracket
116-5843-005.9003 Alarmline edge clip
116-5843-005.9006 Alarmline T-clip, packet of 25 pcs.
116-5843-005.9007 Alarmline T-clip, packet of 100 pcs.
116-5843-006.0010 Termination kit K82023
116-5843-007.0004 Cable ties B6782-121