Detectors for special requirements

In some cases, the standard detectors just doesn't cut it. Challenging conditions require specially designed detection solutions to make sure your building is always protected in the best way.

Flame detectors

Flame detectors detect radiation from fires, by detection based on UV radiotherapy, IR radiation or a combination of the two, and they detect and respond to radiations to avoid further damage. They are particularly suited for use in connection with general protection of large open areas where fire is expected to spread very rapidly.

Gas detectors

A full line of infrared, electrochemical, metal oxide semiconductor, and catalytic gas detectors create a reliable first-line of defense against hazardous gases.

Aspirating detectors

Aspirating detectors are suitable in areas where early detection is required, and in particularly dusty, damp or clean rooms. In an aspiration system, air samples are taken from the monitored area via a pipeline to a centralized detection unit. The pipes are perforated with holes that make up the detection points.

Beam detectors

Beam detectors are used in wide-open spaces instead of an array of smoke detectors. The detector protects a given area by sending signals (IR beam) between a transmitter and receiver, and detects the attenuation or changes in frequency by heat or smoke.

Alarmline linear heat detectors

Cable-based system providing economical termperature monitoring at the precise point of risk.