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AutroSense Cascade Command Display Module

The Command Display Module features a user interface which consist of a TFT color display, navigation buttons and status LED’s.

Configuration of the Command Display Module (and associated detectors across the SenseNET network ) can be done via the user interface, or via a computer using Remote software. The TFT color display support simple operations like changing configuration options via a menu driven structure, but also advanced features like viewing the chart recording in graphical format.

The Command Display Module support up to 127 modules across the SenetNET network. The 127 modules can be any combination of AutroSense Cascade modules as well as Micra’s and HSSD2’s. The use of the Command Display Module creates an easy to use central point from where all modules/detector on the network can be accessed, and all alarms and faults are reported.

Part number: 116-5861-018.2802