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AutroSense 200

The AutroSense 200 provides high sensitivity smoke detection for medium to large applications. ClassiFire Perceptive Artificial lntelligence ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment without the need for complex setup.

AutroSense 200 embodies many unique features to maximize performance and increase reliability compared to other aspirating detection systems. AutroSense 200 is recognized as being easily the most sensitive system available, but coupled to the unique ClassiFire® Artificial Intelligence (AI) process; this need not mean a high rate of nuisance alarms.

AutroSense 200 is the only optical high sensitivity system which is routinely applied to the protection of very dirty and dusty environments. This is achieved by combining Laser Dust Discrimination (LDD™) with a patented dust management and separation system. At the other extreme, AutroSense 200 is capable of providing the very highest levels of sensitivity in environments such as computer areas and clean rooms. In these applications it is able to give warning to the very slightest trace of smoke.

AutroSense 200 is fully capable of reacting to true INCIPIENT fire situations, thereby preventing damage by providing the EARLIEST warning.

Because of ClassiFire the detector does not require complex and expensive calibration to suit the environment, as it continually adjusts itself automatically.

AutroSense 200 has a flexible nature and many possible configurations in order to suit every possible application.

  • Four pipe inlets
  • Up to 2000 m2
  • Up to 200 metres pipe length
  • Up to 100 sample ports
  • Four alarm thresholds
Part number: 116-5861-018.2000