ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a homogenous material with good chemical resistance and high impact strength. They are suitable for use at low temperatures (-40°C) and easy to join.

Our aspirating pipe and fittings are produced under a strict quality control system approved to EN ISO 9001.
They have been tested by LPCB to EN 54-20 Clause 5.7, EN 61386-1 Class 1131.

LPCB Test Report No-TE250773

Individual products are in accordance with the appropriate British Standards.

  • Fittings (inch) BS 5391 Part 1, EN 1452 Part 3, EN 54-20 Clause 5.7, EN 61386-1 Class 1131
  • Fittings (Metric) Din 8063, Kiwa 549, ISO 727
  • Pipe BS 5391 EN 61386-1 Class 1131
  • Adhesive BS 4346 Part 3

Chemical Resistance
The chemical resistance properties of ABS are good for most diluted inorganic acids, organic acids, animal fats and oils and salts. It is not resistant to acetic acid, alcohol, organic solvents, petrol and vegetable oil.

Our ABS products are manufactured in red, white and grey.

ABS is suitable for use from -40°C to 70°C