AutroSafe 4 maritime gas (MG) panels

Autronica is a long-standing player in the maritime market; our reputation as a developer and supplier of reliable systems designed to withstand the rigours of the maritime environment is forged from our dedication to developing the best maritime solutions.

The AutroSafe 4 Maritime Gas system is developed using the same proven-in-use design and technology as the AutroSafe 4 Integrated Fire & Gas system. All existing functionality has stood up to the toughest tests worldwide for more than 10 years.

AutroSafe 4 Maritime Gas supports a wide range of third-party gas detection devices, allowing flexibility and accuracy. Addressability ensures that correct information is routed to where it is needed, indicating which detection unit has given the alarm. Built-in fault monitoring ensures that if a detection unit fails, it is automatically identified and can be replaced with a minimum of effort.



Maritime gas alarm control panel kit BS-420MG

A maritime gas alarm control panel with full operation capabilities. All gas alarm handling and system features can be controlled and monitored from the panel. Note that the panel cannot be used for detection of fires.