Product data

MiniVES 2001 LM, with fiber network card

2 AB zones / 4 speaker lines, 2 / 160 W RMS amplifiers (including spare), 1 message at the time, LCD screen, fireman mic, charger. No batteries included.

MiniVES is a scalable Public Address & Voice Alarm unit suitable for multi-purpose architectures. Devices from miniVES series are voice alarm compact control units containing all components within one compact housing, which meet all the requirements of EN 54-16 and EN 54-4 (certificate of constancy of performace 1438-CPR-0527).

The whole concept of the system is based on the high quality audio network distribution nodes equipped either with two independent 160 W or 320 W class D amplifiers, which distribute 100 V signals to 4 or 8 speaker lines depending on the type. The system also ensures operation of a backup amplifier for the Emergency priority type of signals.

miniVES is equipped with integrated backup power supply and an EN 54-4 compliant charging unit. 

miniVES is designed to be a Plug & Play device with all elements expected from Voice Evacuation Systems; including a built-in fire microphone, touchscreen for global control, DSP, programmable contact inputs and buttons, time scheduler, charger with battery mounting space and expandable memory size for messages – all fitted into an IP30 chassis.

miniVES belongs to the family of independent EVAC systems which can be networked together and extended by desktop zone microphones or fireman microphones via TCP/IP network to provide live announcements and background music inputs. The system has been designed to be wired using CAT5 cables for paging microphones and fibre-optic redundant interlink connections between the systems.

Part number: 116-minVES2001LN


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