AutroVoice miniVES

MiniVES is a standalone voice alarm system ideal for small-to-medium sized applications where an EN 54-16:2008 system is required.

The miniVES is a plug & play solution with all elements in place, including a built-in fire microphone, programmable contact inputs and outputs, space for 1h pre-recorded messages and slots for batteries, all fitted in a neat chassis.

The master units are equipped with Class D power amplifiers, available with 2 and 4 zone configurations. The miniVES has integral back-up power supply, a charging unit and the necessary EN54-4 circuitry for the DC back-up and batteries checker.

The miniVES is a family of independent EVAC systems which can be networked together and extended by desktop zone microphones or fire microphones via TCP/IP network, providing live announcements and background music inputs. The system is using cat5 cables for paging microphones and fibre optic redundant interlink connections between the systems.


  • Meets all requirements of EN54-16
  • Phased evacuation
  • Fully controlled by 4,5’’ colour touch screen
  • Impedance or loop (option) speaker monitoring
  • RJ45 (TCP/ IP) socket for programming
  • Industrial SD card for storage of messages and FW
  • Remote management via WAN
  • Unlimited number of connected Fire and Zone microphones
  • Network card as an option which allows to connect any number of standalone miniVES boxes creating easy extendable, distributed Voice Evacuation System

Microphones and accessories

Zone microphones located at strategic spots in the building enable broadcasting of live announcements and/or pre-recorded automatic messages to selected zone(s) or to all zones in the whole system.