Voice alarm systems

Our voice alarm - AutroVoice - avoids the use of confusing and often frightening emergency bells or sirens. It uses a public address system (PA) to tell the public what the emergency is, where it is, and what to do.

Alarm bells and sirens only provide a warning signal, They cannot give information if the situation is a drill or a real incident, type or location of incident, and what they should do. 

AutroVoice provides information without the use of confusing and often frightening alarm bells and sirens. Our voice-alarm systems use PA (public address) technology to alert members of the public as to what the problem is and what action they need to take. A pleasant-yet-firm prerecorded voice is broadcast over a speaker system – this can, if necessary, be replaced with live broadcast – giving clear and precise information to the public.

People will be able to distinguish drills or tests from real incidents. If an incident should occur, the public will be guided to the nearest available exit, at a safe distance from the incident itself.

Voice alarms can be integrated into the fire detection system or delivered as a stand-alone unit.

AutroVoice miniVES

MiniVES is a standalone voice alarm system ideal for small-to-medium sized applications where an EN 54-16:2008 system is required.

AutroVoice midiVES

midiVES is scalable Public Address & Voice Alarm unit suitable for multi-purpose architectures.


With the MULTIVES system the possibilities are endless: It is designed for versatility and flexibility – and can be extended indefinitely.