AutroVoice midiVES

midiVES is scalable Public Address & Voice Alarm unit suitable for multi-purpose architectures.

midiVES is a scalable Public Address & Voice Alarm unit  suitable  for  multi-purpose  architectures.  Devices  from  midiVES  series  are  voice  alarm  compact  control  units  containing  all  components within one compact housing, which meet all  the  requirements  of  EN  54-16  and  EN  54-4  (certificate  of  constancy  of   performance  1438-CPR-0527).

Whole  concept  of  the  system  is  based  on  the  high quality audio network  distribution nodes equipped either with two independent 160 W, 320  W  or  three  independent  transformerless  500 W class D amplifiers, which distribute 100 V signals to 4, 8 or 16 speaker lines depending on the type. The system also ensures operation of a backup amplifier for the Emergency  priority type of signals.