Product data

AutroMaster ISEMS software licence

AutroMaster Integrated Safety and Emergency Management System, complete package

AutroMaster basic functionality:

  • Fire management basic functions
  • MultiSensor control
  • Report generator
  • Control and monitoring of emergency lights/LLL

Extended functionality

  • AutroSafe IFG unit support
  • Touch screen support
  • Decision support system/incident manager
  • Electronic plotting table
  • Training/simulation module
  • Event record and replay module
  • Video module (live video support CCTV)
  • Remote connect function
  • Message centre module


  • Hernis CCTV interface
  • System-S interface
  • NMEA interface
  • VDR output
  • MODBUS interface
  • ESPA 4.4.4 interface

Always back up your work! For a hardcopy of your licence, use part number 
116-AUTROMASTERISEMS-CD. Please note that the licence is not included.



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