AutroMaster ISEMS

AutroMaster ISEMS is a complete Integrated Safety and Emergency Management System for control and monitoring of alarmed areas, and forms an integrated part of the fire detection system.

AutroMaster ISEMS is an Integrated Safety and Emergency Management System combining the strengths of a powerful fire detection system with control and monitoring functions dedicated to make sure you are in control in case of an emergency. 

The AutroMaster provides an intuitive control and monitoring interface built to save valuable time when every second counts. Status information is displayed in real-time with easy-to-understand graphical representation. Navigation is fast and instinctual and the powerful zoom functions allow you to monitor all areas in great detail. AutroMaster displays values for gas density, smoke and heat in dynamic colours, making it easy to perform the necessary actions during emergencies.

Control and monitoring of third party systems can easily be performed via serial protocols or network interfaces. They provide connection to basically any source – network time servers, telephone systems for text messaging, public address systems for automated voice messaging, emergency lights, access control systems, CCTV, automation systems and so on.

The AutroMaster keeps track of all events in the system and has a built-in report generator. This provides a cost-effective system log for maintenance and documentation purposes.

In high-risk environments around the world, a seemingly innocuous fire can quickly escalate into an emergency of large proportions. When disaster strikes and you only have seconds to make the proper decisions, the right safety and emergency management system is an invaluable asset. The AutroMaster includes a Decision Support System (DSS) that will help you make the right decisions at the right time.