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Fire-alarm control panel BX-10M  (Obsolete)

Fire-alarm control panel, 4 zones. Suitable for maritime applications. Approved in accordance with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea). 220V AC ecxl. battery. Please specify language when ordering (Replace last two digits in the type number with language code)

The BX-10M fire alarm control panel is a modern conventional panel designed for minor installations. BX-10M (M stands for Maritime version) is suitable for fishing boats, work boats, yachts and smaller cargo boats. The system covers 4 conventional detection zones. Up to 32 detectors/manual call-points can be connected to each zone. Manual call-points and automatic detectors can be connected to the same zone. A disablement of a zone will not disable the manual call-points in the disabled zone. 220V AC.

Part number: 116-BX-10M/01


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