BX-10 - smaller installations

The BX-10 fire alarm control panel is a conventional panel designed for minor installations. Among several applications, the BX-10 is especially suitable for daycare centres, schools, smaller stores, industrial buildings, smaller overnight stops, farm buildings and for automatic and distant telecommunication installations.



Fire Alarm Control Panel BX-10  (Obsolete)

Fire-alarm control panel, 4 zones (loops), including power supply, excluding batteries


Fire-alarm control panel BX-10M  (Obsolete)

Fire-alarm control panel, 4 zones. Suitable for maritime applications. Approved in accordance with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea). 220V AC ecxl. battery. Please specify language when ordering (Replace last two digits in the type number with language code)


Fire-alarm control panel BX-10M1  (Obsolete)

Conventional maritime fire-alarm panel, English version