OBSOLETE - AutroSafe 3 IFG panels

AutroSafe integrated fire and gas detection system is a system where all system units communicate on a local network called AUTROLON. The system complies with C.E.N. EN 54 regulations.

The SelfVerify function makes the system capable of daily inspections and verifying its own performance, alarm and warning levels, interfaces and connecting cables, from detectors' sensing element to the alarm output. AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas is approved for SIL2 according to IEC61508 by TUV and NEMKO. All incidents are clearly pinpointed by means of the operating panel's large indicating display with 16 lines of 20 characters. Comprises the DYFI+ function, the greatly improved DYFI (dynamic filter functions).



Fire ALarm Control Panel BS-310G  (Obsolete)

Fire alarm control panel, stand-alone version, for max. 12 I/O units


Fire Alarm Control Panel BS-320G  (Obsolete)

Fire alarm control panel with LON interface, for max. 12 I/O units


Operator panel BS-330G  (Obsolete)

Operator Panel, LON network version