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Disable unit with pushbuttons BW-200

For disabling one or more detection zones.

BW-200 is a disable unit connected to the detection loop, to disable one or a number of detection zones. The disablement time is configurable from the system configuration (configuration tool).

A “Disablement” button activates disablement of zones, and a steady light in the LED indicator indicates the disablement. The light starts to flash five minutes before the disablement time expires. To enable zones during disablement, before the disablement time automatically expires, for example, the “Restore” button is used.

BW-200 has one (1) output for parallel indication/control. The output requires separate 24 V supply. The unit has a built-in short-circuit isolator. In the event of a short-circuit, the short-circuit location will be isolated.

The unit has English texts.

Part number: 116-BW-200/GB


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