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Remote alarm control unit BU-200

For remote/local alarm handling from predefined areas/zones. For AutroSafe only.

The main purpose of the unit is to facilitate alarm handling without disturbance of people and unnecessary calls to rescue services, e.g. the fire brigade.

The unit can send acknowledgement and reset to the fire alarm control panel (BS-420) or operator panel (BS-430). The remote alarm control unit is connected to the detection loop.

Each loop unit can be connected to one operation zone. An operation zone can have one or more units, but requires separate 24V DC power. The maximum number of units used in a detection loop is 4. To use the unit, all detection zones connected to the operation zone must be set to Delayed Action.

The unit has a built-in short-circuit isolator. In the event of a short-circuit, the short-circuit location will be isolated.

Part number: 116-BU-200


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