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MultiSensor BHH-520

Interactive MultiSensor detector head with SelfVerify, environmentally protected

BH-520 is a MultiSensor detector based on an optical point smoke detector combined with a temperature sensor. A rise in temperature will change the detection platform by increasing the smoke sensitivity in order to improve the detection of combustion gases from flaming fires producing barely a minimum of visible smoke particles.

The MultiSensor principle combined with advanced signal processing in the detector ensures an early response to any type of fire development.

BH-520 is designed for use with our interactive fire alarm systems. The SelfVerify function ensures the highest grade of reliability. All units comprising this function are automatically tested with a calibrated test once every 24 hours.

Additional coating of PCB combined with the adaptivity and the all-round smoke sensitivity of BH-520 makes this detector suitable for industrial, maritime and offshore applications where there is a potential flaming or/and smouldering fire hazard.

Part number: 116-BHH-520


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