Product data

AutroVu AV10 explosion-proof universal display unit, electrochemical, INMETRO approved

For the Brazilian market

The AutroVu AV10 is recommended for applications that require a gas detector with digital readout of detected gas levels as well as analog 4-20 mA output with HART, relay contacts, and Modbus RS485 (FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus option available). The AV10 universal display unit is designed for use with Autronica gas detectors such as GT3000, PIR9400, HC200, HC600, or NTMOS, as well as generic linear 4-20 mA sensors. The display unit is designed and approved as a ‘stand alone’ device and performs all the functions of a gas controller.

Gas concentration and unit of measurement are indicated on a digital display. The display unit provides a linear isolated/non-isolated 4-20 mA DC output signal (with HART) that corresponds to the detected gas concentration.

All electronics are enclosed in an explosion-proof aluminum or stainless steel housing. The display unit is used with a single detector that may be either coupled directly to the AV10, or remotely located using a sensor termination box. The AV10 features non-intrusive calibration. A magnet is used to perform calibration as well as to navigate the AV10’s internal menu.

The AV10 universal display can be used with various 4-20 mA gas detection devices, with or without HART. 

The unit provides display, output and control capabilities for the gas detector.

Part numbers:
116-011780-081 Aluminium housing, 3/4 NPT cable entries
116-011780-082 Stainless steel housing, 3/4 NPT cable entries


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