Infrared hydrocarbon gas detectors

In the demanding environments of the petrochemical oil and gas industry, fire and gas detection has to deliver optimal results at all times.

Point gas detectors

Detect combustible gases using infrared technology. We offer traditional detectors with 4-20 mA and/or relay output, but we have also taken the IR point gas detection a step further. By introducing the two wire intelligent communication on our IFG PowerLoop we allow for centralized control of all diagnostic data. Analogue readings and detector self testing features are available from our AutroPoint IR gas detectors

Line-of-sight IR gas detectors

Detect combustible gas between two points up to 120 meters apart with infrared technology. Open path gas detection is meant to complement to the standard point detectors and offer many significant benefits. They cover a wider area, have a very quick response, and detector location becomes less critical.