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AutroFlame X33AF PL for PowerLoop, in stainless steel, 3/4” NPT

For use with the AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas system on PowerLoop. Certified Eex d IIC T5-T6. Approvals: FM/CSA/ATEX/IECEx. Listed in SIL 2 system certificate.

The X33AF PL is a multispectrum infrared (MIR) flame detector. It provides unsurpassed detection of fires from light to heavy hydrocarbon fuels combined with the highest degree of false alarm rejection.

A key feature of the X33AF PL flame detector is the built-in PowerLoop system technology, enabling the detector to communicate with AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas (IFG) systems on a single pair of wires. This compatibility, called the PowerLoop technology, is a two-wire power and signalling bus connected in a ring topology and galvanically isolated from the rest of the system, saving cable cost and weight. Each detector has a built-in shortcircuit isolator, hence no detectors will be lost because of a single break or short-circuit in the PowerLoop lines.

All alarms and faults are signalled via the PowerLoop. The detector does not require any local power supply.

The detector has Division and Zone explosion-proof ratings and is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications. 

The X33AF PL contains three IR sensors with their associated signal processing circuitry. The standard output configuration includes fire alarm, fault and auxiliary relays. The detector provides superior performance in applications that are at the extremes, and where background infrared radiation is a normal condition.

Swivel mount not included.

Part number: 116-5861-011.4411