Product data

AutroFlame X33AF in aluminium, addressable

With built-in BNB-300 for interfacing to the AutroSafe system on Al_Com loop. Certified Eex d IIC T5-T6. Approvals: FM/CSA/ATEX/IECEx

The X33AF is a multispectrum infrared (MIR) flame detector. It provides unsurpassed detection of fires from light to heavy hydrocarbon fuels combined with the highest degree of false alarm rejection.

The detector has Division and Zone explosion-proof ratings and is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications. 

The X33AF contains three IR sensors with their associated signal processing circuitry. The standard output configuration includes fire alarm, fault and auxiliary relays, with an isolated 0 to 20 mA output model with optional HART communication. The detector provides superior performance in applications that are at the extremes, and where background infrared radiation is a normal condition.

Swivel mount not included.

Part number: 116-5861-011.4361