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AutroSense Micra relay card w/inputs

Input/Output expansion card for Micra 10, Micra 25 and Micra 100

The Input/Ouput expansion card is designed to provide additional relay outputs and/or inputs when interfacing to other systems. The Input/Ouput expansion card plugs into the APIC interface slot in each detector and cannot be used in conjunction with an APIC Card. The Input/Ouput expansion card provides detector inputs that may be programmed for Remote Day/Night Mode Changeover, Remote Reset or ClassiFire Override as well as power supply fault monitoring. ClassiFire Override is a particularly useful feature that enables the normal detector sensitivity to be reduced by a preprogrammed percentage to avoid unwanted alarms from a predictable event such as theatre stage effects or open fires in heritage buildings. The Input/Ouput expansion card provides detector outputs for the 4 alarm levels, and the fault output. The fault output is normally closed, and open in case of a fault.

  • 5 Outputs (4 alarm levels + fault)
  • 3 Inputs (programable)
Part number: 116-5861-018.4110