Product data

Control unit with LCD display, 8 zones

​A matrix mixer of the input signals which routes signals to four 100 V internal audio buses, a 28-channel digital system buses or directly to audio outputs in a unit.
  • EN 54-16 // 1488-CPR-0500/W certified system
  • Fully network-based system allowing for configuration, control and diagnostics via Ethernet
  • Managing up to 254 devices in the network
  • 8 slots available for any configuration of loudspeaker control cards, control inputs and outputs cards
  • 4 additional slots dedicated only for audio input/output cards and control input/output cards
  • 2 built-in control inputs and outputs
  • Up to 12 secured amplifiers supported
  • 8 messages played simultaneously into different zones
  • Up to 32 GB SD flash memory dedicated for playback and recording messages (48 kHz, 16 bit)
Part number: 116-ABT-CU-8LCD

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