Point gas detection system – OGS 2.1

For all high risk areas that require fast and continuous gas detection

Our point gas detection system OGS 2.1 is the ideal solution for environments that require continuous monitoring for hazardous gases.

Typical higher risk areas that require fixed point gas detection are e.g. pump rooms, engine rooms, cargo rooms, AC inlets, crankcases and other applications. The system can be equipped with an infinite number of sensors and supports various detection methods such as e.g. electrochemical, catalytical and infrared technology.

The OGS 2.1 system operates on the same platform as our gas sampling family OGS 3, making it easy combinable and the ideal extension to the OGS sampling systems whenever both solutions need to be pooled to one economically sound system. The platform flexibility enables us to meet the individual customer’s needs.

The OGS 2.1 meets the requirement set out by IMO and the different classification societies.


  • Individual readings and alarm LEDs for each individual sensor
  • Up to 4 adjustable independent alarm set points
  • Detection of Oxygen, Hydrocarbons and toxic gases
  • Infrared, catalytical and electrochemical sensors
  • Continuous system verification
  • Intuitive operation
  • Remote alarm unit to display alarms on a second location e.g. ship’s bridge (optional)
  • Integrated temperature alarm for cargo pump bearings (optional)
  • Cargo pump emergency shutdown (option)
  • RS 485/422 Modbus RTU serial line communication (option)
  • Separated alarm and detector cabinet (optional)


Part number: 116-KIT-K2001

The kit contains a control cabinet with integrated alarm panel for a fixed gas detection system with a set number of sensors. Cabinet to be operated in indoor safe area. Standard Autronica project documentation is included. Number of sensors must be specified when ordering.

Spare part kits

A kit of the most frequently used spare parts in point gas detection system OGS 2.1. The parts have the same warranty as the original parts.