Product data

EX barrier unit BZ-500

Galvanic isolator for EX i approved detectors connected to the detector loop. For up to 20 detectors. External 24V DC power supply is required.

BZ-500 is a barrier unit designed for intrinsically safe installation of detectors in hazardous area zone 0, 1 or 2. The barrier is a galvanic isolator; hence the installation requires no PE conductor.

BZ-500 must be installed in safe area and is connected to the Al_Com detector loop. Also a separate 24 V supply is required. If BZ-500 is supplied from the panel, an optional 24 V DC/DC converter must be used to regulate the power.

The loop branch off into the hazardous area accepts 1-20 loop units depending on cable type and loop unit type. All loop units must be Exi approved. 

Part number: 116-BZ-500


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