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OBSOLETE - Sprinkler valve monitoring unit BN-320/FS  (Obsolete)

Sprinkler valve monitoring control unit designed for maritime installations. Connected to detector loop. Designed for use with AutroSafe and AutroMaster. With SelfVerify.

BN-320/FS sprinkler monitoring control unit is designed for maritime installations. The unit is connected to the detector loop, and it is designed for use with the AutroSafe interactive fire detection system, and AutroMaster 5000.

Typical applications are interface for FlowSwitches and interface for sprinkler/valves. The unit has one (1) monitored input. An open circuit (loss of the 2k on the input) gives fault warning. The unit has a built-in short-circuit isolator. In the event of short-circuit, the short-circuit location will be isolated. When used with AutroMaster 5000, the sprinkler configuration can be displayed in AM5000’s GIS display. It is possible to specify automatic group functions related to sprinklers in AM5000.

The SelfVerify function ensures the highest grade of reliability and reduces the need for manual testing, because all units comprising this function are automatically checked once every 24 hours.

Part number: 116-BN-320/FS


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