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ESPA interface module BSL-333  (Obsolete)

RS232 interface module used to interface on-site wireless pagers. By means of an additional unit it can also interface off-site GSM telephones.

The ESPA interface module supports a large number of paging systems with ESPA 4.4.4 protocol.

The following messages can be transmitted (from an AutroSafe fire alarm panel):

  • fire alarms
  • prealarms
  • faults
  • technical alarms from I/O units

Texts from AutroSafe may include the name of a detection zone and/or operation zone, tag names (point information), plus general fault texts.

The type of message to be transmitted to each pager is configurable, as well as the number of pagers the messages are transmitted to. Typically, a system will be configured to transmit all types of messages to some pagers, and only fire alarm messages to other pagers. The same type of pagers must be used within a system. A large number of pagers or group numbers can be used.

The module is connected to the AutroSafe via the AutroCom protocol. The Serial Port Communication Board EAU-321 uses one port. The communication is set at 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit.

Part numbers:

116-AS-ESPAMODULE: Includes module and cable
116-AS-ESPAPACK: Includes module, serial port communication board EAU-321, and cable
116-BSL-333: Interface module. Spare part only.


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