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Dual PROFIBUS converter BSL-332/2  (Obsolete)

The PROFIBUS converter reads data from AutroCom and converts them to a PROFIBUS connection. Dual version.

The PROFIBUS converter reads data from AutroCom, which is the communication to third-party systems from AutroSafe. It converts these data to a PROFIBUS connection, where PROFIsafe is used for the safety-related data. The PROFIsafe is a safety add-on to PROFIBUS. The module has space for 2 converters and it includes a common Power Supply which converts the 24V DC source to local sources used internally. Options are to make one or two single channels in one box or redundancy. The BSL-332 is available in two versions: BSL-332/1: AutroSafe Profibus converter – Single BSL-332/2: AutroSafe Profibus converter – Dual

Part number: 116-BSL-332/2


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