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AutroFieldBus protocol converter BSD-321/EX  (Obsolete)

AutroFieldBus to RS-232/RS-485 protocol converter EEx de. Consists of PowerLoop interface for power and communication, and AutroFieldBus interface towards EAU-340. Direct replacement for BSD-320 protocol converter to AutroFieldBus network technology. Will

The BSD-321/EX can be configured to interface various types of detectors into the AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System. It contains a protocol converter for the specific type of detector to be interfaced. All events such as alarms, prealarms and fault warnings are transmitted to the AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System. Depending on the specific detector, analogue readings of gas concentration, for example, are also transmitted for trending and maintenance purposes. The built-in short-circuit isolator of AutroFieldBus will, together with the ring topology, ensure that neither a single short-circuit nor a wire break will cause loss of functionality. Furthermore, the BSD-321/EX provides optional AutroFieldBus earth fault detection. The BSD-321/EX basic model has RS485 communication ports for interfacing field equipment. There can be a maximum of 31 BSD-321/EX units on each AutroFieldBus ring.

Part number: 116-BSD-321/EX


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