Surge protection

All units for mounting on TS-35 rail


Type 3 surge protection plug - PLT-SEC-T3-230-P

230 VAC input. PT-2PE/S-230 AC (excluding base), 1 x per 230 VAC circuit. Approved according to IEC61643-1:1998-02. Mounting width: 17.5 mm.


Type 3 surge protection base element - PLT-SEC-T3-BE

Base element for protective plugs from the PLUGTRAB SEC product series with remote indication contact. Protection: PT-BE/FM


Surge protection plug - PT 1X2-24DC-ST

Detector loop and 20 mA communication line, UFBK-M2-PE-24 DC-ST (excluding base). 1 release unit per circuit/loop. Mounting width: 17.5 mm.


Surge protection base element - PT 1X2-BE

Mounting base for detector-loop protection. Base element for protective plug PT with protective circuit for a 2-core floating signal circuit. Mounting on NS 35/7.5 und NS 35/15, housing width: 17.5 mm


Surge protection device - TT-SLKK5/ 24AC

Modular terminal block with varistor as surge voltage protection between clamping connector and DIN rail, separate ground connection, nominal voltage: 24 V AC, mounting on NS 35/7.5, terminal width: 6.2 mm, terminal height: 69 mm. 1 pc. per wire (2 pcs. per circuit)