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AS2000 loop diagnostics tool

AS2000 is a PC-based installation and service tool, irreplaceable when installing or maintaining loops; it gives both detailed static and dynamic point information. The system downloads information from all units connected to the loop and presents the gathered information on-screen.

AS2000 make it unnecessary for the installation engineer to carry out the complex and often time-consuming task of registering every point and unit connected to loops. This tool has three main advantages: loop-data is collected quickly and efficiently, faults and errors are localized and the collected data can form the basis for the fire-alarm system’s configuration. Connecting the system to a loop will automatically result in a graphical representation of the entire loop. This on-screen map is 100% true-to-life, presenting the actual installed loop.

  • Time-saving – troubleshooting is automated, the system detects and reports faults
  • Economical – the installation process is sped up
  • Easy – fault detection during start-up and maintenance, before the fire-alarm system is started or online
  • Quality assurance for the fire detection system

AS-2000 includes the following main features:

  • Graphical TOPOLOGY view of all loop units in one loop. Presents loop with branch off (1 level), loop break position, loop short-circuit postion, and individual graphical symbols for all AutroSafe loop units.
  • Graphical view of SMV-curves of 4 selectable detectors on a loop.
  • Graphical view of SMV-bar graphs for all detectors on a loop, giving actual, minimum and maximum SMV.
  • Measuring facilities for finding a loops total resistance, current consumption and voltage drop.

The WAS-2000 loop diagnostic tool box is a complete hardware tool (box) for test of AutroSafe loops without using an AutroSafe panel.

The unit (box) comprises:

  • BSS-310, power supply module
  • BSL-310, internal communication module
  • BSD-310, detector loop module
  • Battery charger, 230V
  • Cable XJA-207, for connecting the unit to a PC
  • Mains cable


Part numbers:

116-WAS-2000     Complete loop diagnostic tool
116-SW-100 Updated software on USB

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Part number: 116-WAS-2000


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