Product data

Power supply unit 27.4 VDC / 10 A

Power supply with fault output for all systems

For use together with Autronica fire alarm panels as an additional power supply. Two or more power supplies can be parallel-connected. AC/DC switch mode power supply.

  • Input 230/115VAC
  • Built-in output serial diode
  • Temperature-compensated battery charging voltage
  • Design to meet EN-54 and confirms to CE-standards
  • Potential-free fault output relay
  • Power ON indicator
  • Remote control of battery charger voltage. Direct control from fire alarm panel (0 volt signal)
  • Short-circuit proof output
  • Plug-in connectors
  • Easy-to-install on DIN-rail
  • Parallel connection of units
Part number: 116-4550-012.2410


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