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BS-100 loop interface BSD-330

BS-100 loop interface, enabling the AutroSafe fire detection system to run BS-100 loops.

The BS-100 loop interface, BSD-330 is used as an interface between the AutroSafe detector loop protocol and BS-100 loop protocol. The interface makes it possible to connect BS-panel type detectors to the AutroSafe system, including detectors used in systems BS-3, BS-30, BS-60, BS-80, BS-90 and BS-100.

The Loop Interface is easily plugged onto a mounting rail inside the AutroSafe fire alarm control panel (BS-410/420) or the controller (BC-420).

Maximum 8 modules per panel. If more than 3 modules are installed, an additional power supply unit BSS-310A is required.

Part number: 116-BSD-330


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