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Loop driver module BSD-310

Loop driver module with capacity for one detector loop with a maximum of 127 loop units (detectors/I/O modules/sounders).

The loop driver module functions as a modem for data exchange between the control system and the detection loop. It is easily plugged onto a mounting rail inside the fire alarm control panel BS-420 or the controller BC-420.

1 detection loop for connection of 127 loop units can be connected to each loop driver module. A loop unit is defined as either a point (i.e. a detector or a manual call point), I/O unit or an electronic sounder.

In addition to its main function, the module provides two important monitoring and security features. The loop resistance on the detection loop is continuously monitored to register a possible break or short-circuit on the detection loop. If a communication failure occurs, a Fail_Safe function is automatically activated. A low-frequency modulation on the loop will be detected, and a separate control output (F/S) will then be activated. The module will automatically detect its own address, no Dip-switch or jumper settings are required.

Part number: 116-BSD-310