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BU-70 Interface BSL-337

AutroSafe/BU-70 interface module enables transmission of alarm messages (detection zone text) from an AutroSafe panel to BU-70 display units and BU-100/BU-101 parallel operation panels. Converts AutroCom protocols into ASSP protocols.

The AutroSafe BU-70 Interface BSL-337 allows BU-panels (BU-70 display units and BU-100/ BU-101parallel operation panels) in existing BS-100 systems to be interfaced to AutroSafe series fire-detection panels.

The purpose of the BSL-337 interface is to convert data transmitted from AutroSafe, via a RS232 serial connection using the AutroCom protocol, into the proprietary communication protocol ASSP (Autronica Standard Short Protocol for BU-panel communication). The Current Loop/RS232 Converter BSL-12/2 must be used to convert RS232 to 20mA current loop communication.

In a new AutroSafe system installation, old BS-100 control panels can thus be removed, while BU-panels and existing cabling still can be used. Furthermore, using the BS-100 Loop Converter BSD-330 also enables the connection of existing BS-100 loops. This interface solution allows a simple and cost-effective retrofitting with AutroSafe.

A maximum of 16 BU panels can be connected to an AutroCom port.

Part number: 116-BSL-337


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