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AUTROLON booster BSL-325

Boosting the data signals on the AUTROLON. If larger distances between panels on the AUTROLON are required, the AUTROLON booster can be connected between the panels.

The AUTROLON booster BSL-325 is used to boost the data signals on the AutroSafe local operating network; AUTROLON. The booster ensures reliable communication in cases where larger distances between panels are necessary.

By using AUTROLON boosters the total cable length can be greatly increased. If the module is mounted on the standard mounting rail inside the fire alarm control panel / controller it is powered with 24V DC from the I/O module stack. If it is not mounted on the standard mounting rail, external 24 VDC power must be supplied to the screw terminals.

The booster can also be used in cases when different cable types (AUTROLON cables) are used in a distributed system.

Plug-in module for standard TS-rail. 

Part number: 116-BSL-325


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