Product data

Fire brigade loop panel BU-110

The fire brigade loop panel enables silencing the panel’s internal buzzer, silencing alarms, and resetting the system. The panel is powered from the detection loop, providing quicker installation, reduced cabling and cost, and lowered system complexity.

Alarms only are shown in the display.

A maximum of 8 panels can be connected to the detection loop.

Part number 116-BU-110XX

XX can be replaced by the following codes:
GB = English
NL = Dutch
N = Norwegian
S = Swedish

For other languages, please use part number 116-KIT-BU-110 and specify language when ordering.
BR = Portuguese
DK = Danish
E = Spanish
F = French
H = Hungarian
I = Italian
IS = Icelandic
PL = Polish
RK = Russian
SF = Finnish