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SIL2-certified multicriteria protector V-530

Basic smoke/heat detector, no alarm device

AutroGuard® V-530 is a SIL2-certified multicriteria protector series. It provides a new generation technology that simplifies installation and commissioning, and increases fire safety.

Extreme sensor dynamics provide reliable detection that has greatly reduced detection time and nuisance alarms, and expanded the use to cover even more application areas. The type of operation is configurable to Heat, Optical or Multisensor, covering several applications.

It has a wide range of fire safety features included in one single device, providing significant reduction of wiring and installation costs - and a cleaner look.
The self-sensing technology ensures that the protector is as reliable as when it left the factory for its entire life cycle.

DYFI3D technology
AutroGuard® utilizes DYFI3D technology; MultiAngle/MultiWavelength detection with advanced algorithms analyze the unique signatures for each type of fire and nuisance source in a 3D space, enabling the protector to accurately distinguish between real fires and nuisance alarm sources.

The SelfVerify system function provides a calibrated and automatic self-test every 24 hours. It tests the signal path to the system panel, alarm devices and output units. In this way, the self-test ensures that the protector is able to initiate an alarm when it should, and at the correct sensitivity level according to EN 54 part 5 and 7 throughout its lifetime.

Additionally, an advanced Pulse Response Signal analysis is run every other second, verifying 100 % of the components in the signal path and 99 % of the components in the protector.

Cover Detection
The AutroGuard® V-530 series provides Cover Detection as a standard feature. We use infrared light to detect if the protector is covered by a dust cap or any other object, and a fault message will appear. The feature can be turned off during maintenance.


In sale now! Ready for delivery in May 2021.

Part number: 116-V-530


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