Video solutions

We are committed to providing innovative security technology and progressive solutions that deliver leading integrated video management.

Whether its monitoring a single door or multiple properties, people and assets, we can deliver a video management solution to meet almost any security requirements. Comprehensive offering of security products delivers outstanding performance that’s scalable to meet future needs. Engineered with innovative technologies and features, our products help leverage every system for optimal protection and control.

UltraView Enterprise
A comprehensive video surveillance solution designed to protect people, property and critical infrastructure. This innovative system integrates smart-software and engineered-hardware video network encoders and recorders, creating a customizable solution that meets a wide range of video management needs.

TruVision Navigator is best suited for small or medium scaled as well as multi-site installations where you either actively manage a small amount of cameras with a small amount of operators, or when passively managing a larger amount of cameras with a small amount of operators.


We provide a wide range of TruVision cameras. All cameras can be used both on TruVision and UltraView recorders. H.264 support, true day/night.


The TruVision TVE series IP video encoders are the ideal solutions to help you gradually upgrade and migrate video surveillance systems from analog to IP. Instead of replacing entire systems, viable analog cameras can be integrated in new IP based systems, simply by using the range of TruVision encoders.


All cameras and recorders must be accompanued by software to operate in a system.