PLC equipment

A programmable logic controller is an industrial computer used to monitor and control digital or analogue I/Os, such as fire doors, low location lights, mimic panels etc. A PLC can be programmed with very advanced logic and normally the PLC is connected to an AutroMaster for presentation or automatic and manual controls.
Part numbers  Descriptions
 116-KDX-30/2C100  Expansion module (8 I/O modules)
 116-KDD-30/2F520  Communication module RS232 and RS422/-485
Modules for PCD1 and PCD2
 116-KDB-30/2A250   A250 8 outputs relay 48 VAC / 2 A
 116-KDB-30/2A400  I/O module, 8 outputs
 116-KDB-30/2E110  I/O module
 116-5151-025.E165  E165 16 inputs 24 VDC
 116-KDU-30/7F110  F110 communication module RS422/-485
 116-5151-025.M544  M5440 PLC for 4 modules (image)
 116-5151-025.M554  M5540 PLC for 4 modules
 116-5151-025.T760  T760 remote unit for 4 I/O modules
 116-5151-025.C100  C100 expansion unit for 4 I/O modules
 116-5151-025.K106  K106 extension cable 0.7 m
 116-5151-025.K010  K010 extension plug PCD3-PCD3
Modules PCD3  
 116-5151-025.A400  A400 8 outputs 24 VDC/0.5 A
 116-5151-025.A465  A465 16 outputs 24 VDC/0.5 A
 116-5151-025.E110  E110 8 inputs 24 VDC 8 ms
 116-5151-026.E165  E165 16 inputs 24 VDC
 116-5151-025.E610   E610 8 inputs isolated 24 VDC 8 ms
 116-5151-025.0001  I/O plug spring coupl. 10-P
 116-KD-30/7T100  Repeater RS485 with galvanic isolation