Product data

27” console mounted monitor

DuraMON, for maritime installations
DuraMON WS 27” is part of ISIC’s Classic DuraMON WS 16:9 product family. With this Classic series of monitors we are providing cutting edge technology with a green profile and at the same time offering superior value for money. Build around “commercial” 16:9 full HD displays the DuraMON WS 22” is your assurance of optimal product-lifetime and – availability. The LED backlight provide extended lifetime and reduce the power consumption by a staggering 75%.

The mechanical design is light weight and at the same time robust, using only the best materials and components in combination with state of the art manufacturing processes. The mounting holes are placed in the top and bottom part of the frame, reducing mechanical stress and optimizing the total lifetime of the monitor. DuraMON WS 27” is designed for panel mount but we can also provide DNV approved mounting brackets for table or wall mount
Part number: 116-5151-200.1027