OGS shale shaker

Gas detection in harsh areas 

The OGS shale shaker is the newest member of the OGS product family and specially designed to enable reliable gas detection in the harshest oil and gas environments such as shale shaker ventilation channels or similar areas where traditional gas detectors are quickly contaminated by dirt.

The OGS shale shaker is a direct gas sampling system consisting of a zone 1 approved detector cabinet including operation panel and a high end sample probe. The sample probe provides each sampling point with two sampling tubes. While one tube draws the gas to the sensor, the other one is being cleaned and vice versa. This provides continuous and reliable detection in the monitored area.


  • Specially designed for gas detection in shale shaker ventilation
  • Dual sampling channels enabling reliable detection
  • Automatic self cleaning routine
  • IR sensor technology
  • Continuous system verification
  • Limited installation costs
  • High end sample probe competible with standard flange
  • Sample gas flow alarm
  • Sample gas inlet temperature up to 70°C
  • Up to 50m sampling tube
  • Zone 1 approved


OGS shale shaker standard

The kit includes a complete gas sampling system for shale shaker applications containing 1 AutroPoint HC 200 IR sensor and standard gas sampling probe. For use in zone 1, EX d IIB T4. Standard Autronica project documentation included.