Product data

Standard level sensors

Type HL-8903 for one level and type HHL-8903 for two levels.


Since 2018, FOSSTECH AS has the rights to produce and sell Omicron Level Alarm Systems (OAS), including High Level & Overfill sensors. Read more on


This float type sensor works on a permanent magnet - reed switch principle, and the construction is unique with the following advantages:

  • Will not be damaged when mounted close to a tank washing machine.
  • Complete unit in stainless steel.
  • Will not stick due to very small surface area between the float and the guides.
  • Can handle high pressure, low density and high temperature.
  • Can operate in any type of cargo which can be pumped.
  • Has a lifting knob on top of the sensor connection box for testing.
  • Fail to safe operation with closed contacts in normal position.
  • Virtually the same alarm point for different cargo densities.
  • Designed without any active electronic components in order to avoid problems when working in the open deck area.


Part numbers:

Standard single level sensor HL 8903 
with intrinsically safe electrical circuit

Standard dual level sensor HHL 8903
with fully indendent, intrinsically safe electrical circuits (image)