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OBSOLETE - Nozzle FlexiFOG micro

Naval brass, crome plated. Available in different types for different areas (cabins / corridors / public spaces / storages) and activation temperatures (57 °C / 93 °C)

The FlexiFOG micro nozzle is a low-pressure water mist nozzle designed for a large variety of applications and hazards. It can be supplied with a variety of different bulbs and cover plates depending upon the application to be protected.

The FlexiFOG water Mist System is designed in accordance to SOLAS Regulation. All fire tests according to IMO MSC resolution 265(84) for accommodation. 

The system is a wet pipe system which consists of a water tank, a Nitrogen system, a water pump, a FlexiFOG control panel, information panel, a piping system with strainers, pressure indicators, flow switches, valves and FlexiFOG micro nozzles.

Each part of the accommodation is covered with unique FlexiFOG micro nozzles. All nozzles have been tested in accordance with the latest IMO regulations.

The XX in the part number is replaced by desired temperature: 57 or 93 °C.

Part number: 116-900820.XX


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